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Shortage of talent: why it is difficult to find best recruiters

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Saba Mehfooz

Recruitment, a challenge a complexity- Employee-job fit is of prime importance to business performance and if the right-candidate is not hired than it will ultimately affect the performance and productivity of team, customers as well as whole organization. The technology evolves and the trends change but some roles remain ever critical. One such role is an expert recruiter, despite the emerging tools of technology and social media channels to promote and strengthen the recruitment strategies, the pursuit of perfect talent requires the knowledge, effectiveness and efficiency of an expert to fill the challenging positions from a pool of candidates.

Owing to criticality of the role; finding the best recruiter becomes an even complex and challenging task. Since this is the role that needs to assess all other roles to fit in; therefore it is must for the recruiter to have an in-depth understanding of talent & industry trends. Though the market is full of recruiters, yet unfortunately only few have expertise to perform the task in critical situations.

So, the bottom line question here is, if it is that much necessary to have best recruiters for the growth of organizations than why it’s hard to find best recruiters in this tighten labor market?

Recruitment as a career – by choice or by chancerecruiter as a career

The very first and foremost reason is to see the recruitment as a professional career. Many college grads opt to study MBA HR generalist and many of us land in this profession by chance and they have either little or no clue when it comes to fill the challenging role for the vacant position. Therefore colleges or universities must create graduate communities and aware students about choosingto be a recruiter as it has an attractive careerin this modern era. No matter technology does fill many other roles in different fields but the soft skills in recruitment are still in the hands of humans.

It’s more than on-the-job training:

Training is another major fact to be noted. You can never be great recruiter until the proper and well-defined training is given apart from on-the-job training. Most of the organization rely on one-time training investment. Continuous development in this ever changing role requires time-to-time frequent trainings to gain  insights for varied roles. Definitely, a recruiter has to wear many hats to develop multiple skills.

recruiter is more than on-job experience

Training HR workforce or recruiter team should be treated as investments instead of expense as in long run it will indeed benefit the organization in the market. 

The better the recruiter is trained the better the candidate will land into the right job.For example, the specialist in hiring process requires wide expertise to figure 

out the qualified candidates not only that matches with experience or skill set according to job but even, that the person is right to fit in the culture. Because a specialist and good recruiter knows companies put their investment to hire a candidate for a longer period. So it’s not about just filing the job descriptions.

Constructive Relationship of hiring-manager and recruiter:

Often, the recruiter-hiring manager relationship remained unsatisfied. Though their goals are same (to find potential candidate) but their perspective might differ. Very few work out together only, if both parties appreciate each other perspective. Providing insufficient information (job requirements from hiring manager) or just order-taking attitude (fill the position only in quantity rather than in quality by recruiter) will always leave both tense and frustrating to work collaboratively.

Constructive Relationship of hiring-manager and recruiter

This is a relationship where honesty, integrity and clear mode of communication has to work. The bad recruiters will leave a poor candidate that might quit within a month.So, the foundation of building constructive relationship is trust, and that’s where most of hiring-recruiter manager active collaboration lacks. The good recruiter will think hiring managers as a customers and will try every best possible way to satisfied them. If hiring managers are satisfied, half of recruiter success is achieved already. 

If these areas are covered, we might get recruiter not only in quantity but in quality as well.


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