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New Hire Engagement – Step up to improve the on boarding experience

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Saba Mehfooz

The time and effort an organization place to find the potential candidate for a challenging role is as hectic as the role itself is. However, if a right candidate placed and perform well nothing more satisfying left for an organization either how expensive new employee might be. But what if, the new hire resign within a month or two. That’s where your hiring mistake cost you. By the looks of things, the fault is not in a new hire but the organization itself (that is, poor on boarding experience).

From the last two decades the extensive research have been done on retaining employees and engaging them with the workplace culture to give them more comfort level so the productivity level increases in the best possible solution for an organization to retain employees. Engaging existing and new employee is as necessary as understanding the job nature. Either the new employee work in a central location; remote areas; work at home or work on different schedule. It’s the responsibility of an organization to engage each and every employee from the day job is offer until the on boarding journey regardless of location or situations. These low >new-hire engagement could lead to multiple issues such as low productivity, increase absenteeism; high turnover rate, and lower customer satisfaction. 

So, to protect your recruitment investment better to create an impression from the very first day. The goals for on boarding is to socialize new hires with the company culture and workforce. Therefore, the followings tips mentioned below that can help to make on boarding effective and successful.

Pre-boarding:employee pre boarding

From the day offer acceptance received, start off with your basics activities related to effective on boarding plan because the new joiner in your organization had to leave their organization which is, kind of a difficult time on them. So make sure that their decision for joining your organization will have a better impact on their career and for the company as well. Basics prior activities to do during pre-boarding

Send an email or memo to all existing employees about new employee, which helps newly hired to feel as a part of community instantly.

The day before date of joining starts, make confirmation call to make sure that newly hired know when and where to show up.

Make sure the essential material such as, a new computer; cell phone; business cards; mail access, email account or office space is ready before the arrival of new employee. 

Orientation Program:employee first day orientation

You already heard “First impression is the last impression”. So make it lasting because it all starts from the very first day. Make formal orientation and present in a good attitude that would leave a great impression on a new employee. Apart from causal slides in orientation session few things can be a value added to make it effective and inclusive for welcoming the new employee

Introduce newly hired right away with the co-workers and the immediate manager/supervisor/boss and encourage them to warmly welcome new employee (even by saying Hello!).

Select a right employee (mentor) to assist in orientation for the new hire. A person with good attitude and can influence as a role model for the newly hired.

Other than describing company values its better to describe a real example of your current employee “who actual respect and implement company values” in real times.

Give a tour of the organization physically and encourage each department head or employee to welcome new employee that will also give new employee an opportunity to get acquainted with every department work areas.

Plan New Comer’s Activities:

If possible, plannew employee engagement activities such as offer lunch or tea session; or play small games; send a welcoming email; or display welcome card from the company behalf. Such celebrations or small welcoming gestures will create a positive and strong impact on newly hired.

The basic purpose of such activities is to socialize new employee with the entire team. As every employee have different level of getting engaged with co-workers. Some may take 1 or 2 weeks or even a month. So try out a couple of activities and find the best one that fits right in a budget. 

Take Feedback – Key milestones:

It’s not about only one day or a week to get in touch with new employee. It takes even 3 months process. Follow up each week/month and take feedback from the new employee about the company culture, co-workers attitude or job nature understanding.

Set the milestones to get the employee and employer contributions from each side in favour of company goals. That will give an insight that how well the new employee understand and implement company policies, practices and procedure and how well employer delivers their message to newly hire about company goals achievements.

On boarding should not be taken light because it ties with the recruitment investment and every effort to make it productive will be fruitful in the company favour. So give an attention not only in recruitment but in on boarding as well. That’s how you can retain your employees for longer term.

Good luck!

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