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Managed HR

All the HR Support; you need in one package

Walter Holding will be engaged for a full-time assistance to your businesses to deal with all routine HR operations. Flawless implementation of the complex HR issues is no longer optional, it is an essential success factor for business’s bottom line. Our managed HR services enable you to realize your vision of an ideal workplace, to attract and retain talented team, develop productive and happy employees who are essential for the growth of your business.

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Recruitment Services

Your Organization’s Ambitions - Our people search.

For Walter Holding your organisation’s ambitions drive our people search. We work closely with you to understand your business needs and the nature of responsibilities that the new hired will acquire. Taking it on from here we create the persona for an ideal candidate and match the right individual for the role.

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HR For Start-Ups

Result Oriented-Goal Focused

Being your entrusted business partner; Walter Holding will help you devise the best possible strategies for a successful employer branding campaign roll-out to gain trust and loyalty of the team there by yielding business success.

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Professional Services

To succeed in this ever changing landscape, organizations have to look ahead of time and develop strategies with a clear sight on present and a clearer focus on future. Walter Holding helps you attain the seamless, stress-free and perfectly crafted management strategy matched with your broader business objectives.

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